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Understand the Secrets of south facing home Vastu?

What is vastu?

The exact meaning of Vaastu is residence. Its standard helps in setting a harmony between the elements of water, earth, air, fire and sky in the atmosphere. South facing home Vastu These five elements – water, earth, air, fire and sky  affect our work performance, nature, positive mindset ,behavior and other parts of life.

Why is Vastu so important for home?

Vaastu shastra is one of the oldest knowledge which is related to direction and energies. Vastu is important for homes by many people because it’s a cultural Indian system of architecture and design that aims to harmonize the environment with human life. According to south facing home Vaastu principles, the layout, orientation, and placement of different elements within a home can influence the well-being, happiness, and prosperity of its inhabitants.

South Facing home

How to know that your home is facing south?

A south-facing home , as per Vastu, refers to a house where the main gate or the front side of the house faces the south direction. Related to Vaastu principles, each direction is associated with certain energies and elements, and the placement of different objects within the house should be adjusted accordingly. Having a south-facing house can inform layout and design decisions.

Some common myths regarding south-facing home Vaastu?

According to our ancient books, the south direction is the home of lord Yama. He is the guardian of the south and also god of death and justice. After hearing that the property is facing south people change the idea of purchasing a home as there is no specific mention of fortune or unfortunate  facing directions in this ancient science.

It is essential to consider various factors such as the balance of Pancha Tattva, the positioning of the main door, as well as the location of rooms like the kitchen, bedroom, and toilet. Instead of relying on myths, it is crucial to understand the principles of Vastu Shastra when considering a south-facing property.

  • South facing home gives financial loss.
  • Increase anxiety and depression.
  • Increase the time of health issue condition in long
  • Increase the chances of regular accidents 
  • Growth of life and profession is stopped.

Benefits for a south facing home as per vastu ?

Living Room

Prosperity and Stability:

South facing homes are associated with the element of fire (Agni), which is considered auspicious for financial prosperity and stability. It is believed that residing in a south facing home Interior can attract wealth and abundance.

Sunlight and Natural Light:

If you to create a Drawing room as per Vastu, Ensure that the floor slopes in the North or East Direction. South facing homes receive sunlight until the end of the day. Providing natural light is found healthful for physical and mental health and personality, it gives you positivity and energy.

Natural advantage and  Energy: 

Need of sun heat in colder months gives a south-facing home sunlight availability. This not only contributes to energy efficiency but also creates a comfortable living environment.

Health and strength

In Vastu Shastra, availability of sunlight is matched with good health and strength. South facing homes provide occupants with regular exposure to sunlight, which is important  for the body’s production of vitamin D and overall mental and physical health.

Giving positive approach 

South-facing homes are believed to provide the smooth flow of positive energy. This provides benefit in your positive approach in your life and gives a positive balanced environment in family members.

Study Room

Increased Creativity and Productivity: 

Sunlight has a positive effect on mood, creativity, and productivity. South-facing homes, with their ample natural light, may inspire more energy, productivity, and creativity in their inhabitants.

Vastu Compliance: 

Designing a south-facing home in the right way  Vastu principle says that this gives you positivity and well growth in life. In Vaastu to create a harmonious and balanced living set the layout property.

Positive well being:

South facing home Vaastu is important for your mental and physical health. which is the most important factor which is based on your alignment and layout design based on Vastu principle.

South facing home vastu tips

  • Measure the dimensions of every wall. Look that the west and south walls are taller than the other two.
  • A south facing house vastu should only be square or rectangular in design and shape is also very important.
  • water pumps, septic tanks, parking or gardens in the southwest corner of the home land.
  • To avoid negative energy, place trees on the northeastern side of the home.


South-facing homes Vastu have given guidelines that need to be taken into mind. However, when planned and oriented correctly, they achieve a number of advantages. By understanding and following Vaastu principles one can build a perfect well being home that gives you a lot of opportunity in your life to achieve your goal.