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Utilize Space Efficiently with Small Office interior design

Small office interior design is indeed a challenging task but equally delightful as well you will have to work with compact spaces, making them aesthetic and functional!  The key, however, is also to make the place look more spacious than it actually is.  It is usually possible to achieve the intended results by combining design elements, selecting appropriate office furniture, and making optimal use of natural light and ventilation.

An office with a small budget typically does not splurge on interior design.  It is however important to remember that ambiance of small office spaces does vary with nature and line of work. Interiors of customer-facing workspaces are designed to appeal to clients. Small commercial spaces dealing in Fashion Design, Photography, Travel and Tourism, and similar lines of work typically are decorated a tad differently from probable startups.

Use Neutral Tones for Small Office Interior Design

With small office interior design gaining popularity it is pretty easy for you to find an experienced interior designer and office furniture manufacturer or any other city in India.  You may have an idea of how your small office should look and feel, but you may not have the time or understanding of all aspects of décor to plan office interiors on your own. Once you’ve decided on the layout, contact reputed/seasoned local interior designers, request quotations, compare their charges, and go through their portfolios to select the right designer for your project.

Then hiring an interior designer is definitely more practical and affordable, given the fact that interior design is an on-site job requiring the designer to be there at the office a majority of the time until the space is ready.

Best Color for Small office interior design

Color schemes for Small office interior design make all the difference when creating the right impression and appeal.  Be it themed interiors or just a regular office environment, the space must feel welcome. In addition to being in line with the space’s function and purpose, colors also need to be chosen carefully. Reception areas are usually boldly decorated, while conference rooms aren’t as flashy. Prominent office space however must exude a sense of liveliness. A typical mix of pastel shades is ideal for the walls, while furniture in different hues of wood color and timber-look ceiling prove suitable as they tend to reflect light better, adding to the illusion of space!

Sticking to just one color throughout the office space does of course evoke a feeling of space and continuity but at the risk of being too bland and monotonous.


If you’re working on office interior design, you know that space is at a premium. But just because your office is small doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped and cluttered.

Lavispace has a great selection of interior design solutions specifically created for office spaces that can help you utilize your area efficiently and ensure everyone’s needs are met. So why not get in touch for your free consultation today?