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Modern Wardrobe Design to keep your bedroom stunning 

The interior of the bedroom fitted modern wardrobe design should be beautiful. Irrespective of the size and nature of any room, wardrobes are very important inside an Indian home. Indian households often say that there is never enough storage. From basic steel wardrobes to stylish wardrobes, and materials that meet the requirements, we are here to modern wardrobe designs according to those needs. 

Remember that wardrobes require a lot of space from which they can be reached. You have to check in your room where the wardrobe will fit. Roughly 4-6 feet of space is enough to fit your wardrobe. 

The height of the cupboard varies from 7-8 feet so as not to interfere with the normal storage capacity. In terms of additional storage needs, the loft has always been a great option. Let this also tell you that the depth that the cupboard gets is defined by the style of storage. If you hang your clothes, the depth goes up to 2 feet, and if you hang your clothes folded, then a depth of 1 foot can work.

Wardrobe design for a modern home

  1. Hinged Wardrobe:- The hinged wardrobe that is in being for a long time, but never loses its charm. Modern wardrobe design that is hinged, wide open, and comes with materials like hooks, pockets, hangers, and racks to organize various items.
  2. Mirrored Wardrobe:- Mirrored wardrobes have been considered a great addition to your bedroom decor. They have a definite stylish elegance and give your bedroom a smooth and deluxe look.
  3. Sliding Wardrobe:- Modern homes have shrunk in size and hence the introduction of sliding wardrobes. This contemporary wardrobe design is the one that most of the elite opt for. They have metal rails fixed at the top and bottom of the cupboards as well as styling doors from one side to the other. Sliding wardrobes do not rely on hinges to hold their doors. These doors help in saving space but also do not obstruct the flow of traffic in the room.

Lavispace is the Best for Wardrobe Design

As one of the most private spaces within the home, the bedroom needs to balance the two of silent and chic. This is the place where you go to escape the hustle and bustle of the day and think and dream about the times to come. 

Let us tell you that interior design is becoming increasingly popular, and everyone from elders to children says what their room should look like. Modern wardrobe design is much more than just the helpful side of a room, it is an important part of interior design. 

A wardrobe that shortage of availability will be of little use to its users, if it doesn’t match your tastes, it can look like an eyesore. You must choose your wardrobe design from Lavispace, and choose the right one based on various variables like height, width, material, interior working, hook, knob quality, and so on.